Giant Swing and Wat Suthatthepwararam

Wat Suthatthepwararam

Wat Suthatthepwararam with the Brahmin monument commonly known as The Giant Swing (Sao Ching Cha) located just outside the temple in the center of the round-about on Bamrung Mueang Road . The temple is commonly known as Wat Suthat and can be found directly opposite the giant red swing which is easily seen from a distance. The temple is surrounded by chinese style pagodas. The two main buildings in the complex of Wat Suthat  are  the Viharn and the Phra Ubosot. The murals in the Viharn depict the previous 28 lives of the Buddha. There is a magnificient surrounding gallery around the Viharn with 156 sitting Buddhas.

The wooden Giant Red Swing is made from teak and was reconstructed in 2005 due to the original timbers being damaged.

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