Kalare Night Bazaar and Anusarn Market

Kalare Night Bazaar and Ansusarn Market in Chiang Mai

Kalare Night Bazaar and Anusarn Market are two of the largest shopping, dining and entertainment locations on Chang Klan Road near Le Meridien and The Royal Lanna Hotel. Start at the intersection of  Loi Khro Road and Chang Klan Road. It is open 6pm to Midnight every night and is a very busy and popular place for tourists that come to Thailand.

Anusarn market has a very popular open style fresh seafood restaurant and other Asian food open style restaurants as well as many other eateries, entertainment venues, and stalls selling clothes, shoes, handycraft, beautiful hand carved wooden wall panels depicting Thai culture, souvenirs and much more. The Nakhorn Ping Night Bazaar Building is also very interesting and has a basement level with many artists. There are many more markets, shops and roadside stalls along the road on both sides.

During the day the markets are deserted but the permanent shops, restaurants and bars are open. Prepare to spend at least two nights of browsing to see everything.

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