Wat Rong Khun

White Temple Wat Rong Khun

Wat Rong Khun is also known as the "White Temple". The grounds of Wat Rong Khun has many intricate buildings in gold and white and other amazing structures. Set aside most of a day to see everything. This temple is relatively new and construction started in 1997. Appropriate dress standard and behaviour is required as this is a Buddhist temple. Trousers or dress to the ankles, no sleeveless tops and no revealing back or front. Remove shoes prior to entering a temple.

From Chiang Rai drive 13 kilometers south down Phahonyothin Road which is the main highway 1. Turn right off highway 1 onto highway 1208 at the large intersection. The White Temple is just on the left. Parking is at a premium on busy days, so it is best to take a metered taxi. Hours are 6:30am until 6:00pm daily.

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